Riberjoven, is a special meeting event to know the young wines of the Ribera del Duero and gastronomy, is held every year in Peñafiel between the months of September and October. This fair of the young wine and cuisine, is focused on wine lover. During their days of celebration, visitors can enjoy a huge selection of young wines of the Ribera del Duero in such a landmark for the Rivera´s wine as Peñafiel.

Mercatus Fidelis


Peñafiel recreates during a weekend the times in which the Infante Don Juan Manuel was lord of the town, with the celebration of a medieval market Mercatus Fidelis. Artisans and merchants occupy the legendary square of Coso, offering at their posts to the residents and visitors a wide variety of products for all audiences, both adult and child.



The Harvest Festival was born in Peñafiel almost twenty years ago and throughout its long history has undergone many changes.
At present, it celebrates within the activities of Riberjoven in which residents and visitors have the opportunity to taste the first wort of the year, and enjoy with regional dances animate an important symbolic act for Village: the crushing of the grapes.

Concentración Motera Peñafiel


The so‐called motorcycle tourism is an emerging tourism modalities that attract more visitors each year to Peñafiel. Motorcyclist approaching the cradle of the Ribera del Duero captivated by the beauty of its landscapes and the quality of their asphalt roads, a combination that makes Peñafiel in a place that is enjoyed both the destination and on the way.
The highest concentration of motorcyclists in Peñafiel occurs in October, the month in which the motoclub Peñafiel organizes the Biker Concentration Ribera del Duero, a must for lovers of the world of two wheels appointment. Shows, parades and routes occur along an entire weekend in which the region enjoys the visit of thousands of motorcycles arrived from all parts of Spain and even beyond our borders.

San Roque


From 14th to August 18th place in Peñafiel the festivities of Nuestra Señora and San Roque, declared of Regional Tourist Interest since 1997 and every year comes a greater number ofvisitors.
This celebration consists of five days long festival in which capeas, with a bull inside and another outside the arena, attracting tens of thousands of people, and the Plaza del Coso is the only place in the world that happens capeas which these special features.
The bull’s closures, which extend for all festivities, start at half past nine in the morning and take place after the release of the bulls from the park Valdobar. After closures take place the capeas, where happen in Plaza del Coso.

Encuentro de Charangas


In the town of Peñafiel take place The Charangas Meeting, large music groups that make music and joking songs, from different parts of Spain. The festival begins with a daytime parade lasts late into the night, and after, at midnight the night parade will be held.
Participants are responsible for enjoy the main village of the Ribera del Duero for 'wine hour', at which are often concentrated in the villa a large number of tourists.